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Women’s Leadership Coach


Global Speaker


Transforming from Overwhelm to Overcoming: Learn 5 Steps to Increase Your Energy


Dr. Paula Walker King (a.k.a. Dr. Paula) is a board-certified physician, media personality, wife and women’s leadership coach. She is a sought after global speaker, nationally recognized author, consultant and subject matter expert on prevention science and wellness. Dr. Paula is also Founder and Chief Officer of and shares her knowledge via YouTube channel to help high performers reach their personal and professional potential. With her credentials, insightfulness, down-to-earth personality and wisdom that far exceeds her age, it’s no wonder that the doctor is recognized as “America’s Wellness Coach.”

“Hi! I’m Dr. Paula.
I help women in power elevate their career and manage their personal challenges in order to experience a full and abundant life.”

As a physician leader, I help other women in leadership maximize their potential and achieve optimal wellness moving from deficiency to proficiency, from overwhelm to overcoming, and from struggle to success.

Dr. Paula is definitely one of the premier physicians in the U.S. She works tirelessly to provide critical life-changing information that will improve the quality of life of people all around the world.

Dr. Floyd J., Professor

Dr. Paula is a Phenomenal Woman! A Woman of God, She Pulls as She Climbs! She’s a Who-to Go-to when you need help; Dependable to the core!

Dr. Florence W., Global Leader and Advocate

Dr. Paula is excellent and sincerely cares for others. She’s a Go-getter. Whatever the goal, Dr. Paula envisions it, implements strategy and accomplishes it, and encourages others to do the same.

Ms. Stefani C., Registered Nurse


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