Lead Well: 7 Dimensions of Wellness for Women in Leadership

You have diligently served and made contributions to society at large, as well as at home among your family, in the workplace and in your community. You have been a high performer your entire life, excelling in your career and industry, and emerging as a thought leader. So why aren’t you happy? Why is your experience of wellness less than optimal? Why do you feel burned out instead of like you’re winning at life? Are you suffering from Empty Cup Syndrome?

Find out in the #1 Bestselling book entitled Lead Well: 7 Dimensions of Wellness for Women in Leadership. In this book, Dr. Paula explains that women are natural nurturers, caring so much for others that self-care and wellness routines are often neglected or even non-existent. However, for a woman to be her most effective self, one who both nurtures and leads, she must learn to nurture herself first.

Dr. Paula has devoted her life to this belief as a highly respected leader and medical doctor, who practices holistic health both in and out of the office. In Lead Well: Seven Dimensions of Wellness for Women in Leadership, Dr. Paula explains to readers how each dimension of wellness contributes to a healthy lifestyle that helps to prevent disease and promotes overall emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness. It is a dynamic, comprehensive view of health and wellness that features wisdom and strategies to optimize the reader’s journey to better health and better leadership.


The Making of a Medical Mogul, Volume III

As a doctor, you are expected to never make mistakes. You have studied, trained, and devoted all of your time to your work and your patients, and you have seen extraordinary outcomes—but the constant stress, long hours, and time away from your family are starting to take a toll on your happiness, and you have lost your sense of purpose. So how do you get it back?

Returning with his third group of powerhouse doctors, America’s OB/GYN Dr. Drai presents The Making of a Medical Mogul, Volume 3, a compilation of struggles, successes, and strategies from 38 Medical Moguls who have discovered their potential far beyond their esteemed roles in medicine. While each Mogul provides personalized, unique advice, all have a common theme: take imperfect action and use your expansive knowledge in medicine as well as in business to serve as many people as you can.